The Susquehanna International Group (SIG) is a sponsor for the Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament (HMMT).


SIG was founded in 1987 by Jeff Yass, Arthur Danichik, Steven Bidm, Eric Brooks, Andrew Frost, and Joel Greenburg. The purpose of this private company is to trade all listed financial products in markets across the globe. Its headquarters office is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It also has offices in New York City, Shanghai, Beijing, Sydney, Dublin, Chicago, Hong Kong, Boston, and San Francisco.


Susquehanna International Group is one of the leading liquidity providers. In addition, SIG is ranked #! in the best financial services companies to work for. SIG consists of a number of entries in equities, fixed income, derivative products, venture capital, private equity, index products, commodity, and energy. SIG is best known for its pricing and trading, mainly equity options.

Company ActivitiesEdit

Assistant Trading ProgramEdit

SIG runs an AT program to help new traders obtain positions in market making and business trading. Each AT will be given simulated trading sessions and classes. These topics include option theory,m decision science, market structure, corporate finance, and game theory. After an HT completes the AT program, the AT will attend the SIG Market Maker Class, and then they become a trader at SIG.


Poker is a recruiting tool for SIG, mainly because the founders believe that poker helps with decision making under cases of uncertainty. SIG even hosts an internal poker tournament every year. Bill Chen, a World Series of Poker SIG, is one of SIG's quantitative trading markets.

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