Jane Street is a sponsor for the Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament (HMMT).

History Edit

Jane Street was founded in August 31, 1999, despite the website claiming the firm was founded in 2000. Since then, many people recommended Jane Street Capital as a place to work for people who consider "earning to give." In September 2012, Tim Reynolds fulfilled their requests by teaching poor students to master photorealistic paining. Jane Street Capital also held the "Jane Street Women in Statin" event as their New York City headquarters. Jane Street also has firms in London and Hong Kong.

Success Edit

Jane Street has been a global proprietary trading firm since it was founded. It specializes in at least 2,000 ETFs in real time, takes under a million hands per day, and is only one of a few hundred businesses (across any section) that uses the OCaml programming language. Jane Street has said "OCaml helps us to quickly adapt to changing market conditions, and go from prototypes to production systems with less effort...Billions of dollars of transactions. go through our systems every day, so getting it right matters. Fortunately, OCaml's rigor is like catnip to some Jane Street an unusual advantage in the tight hiring market fro programmers that allow Jane Street to love a steady of high quality candidates."

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